Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another Update!

We received another update on Haddie. It came just 6 days after our last update. We had hired Ladybugs n Love from Above
to work on getting us an update because it did not look like we would be getting one through our agency. So, the bummer was we got the same pictures, except for the one above. We did find out a couple of new things about our sweet Haddie Hope Jie:

Did she receive her care package telling her that she has a family?

Yes, she got the care package. She knows she has a family now. She’s seen your pictures.

Does she have a special friend or caregiver?

Her friends: Zhu Xiao Liang (朱晓亮), Zhu Xiao Chuan (朱晓川)。

She loves her special education teacher Ms. Han.

Does she speak well, clearly, or does she have challenges with her repaired cleft?

She can’t speak very clearly because of her cleft lip and palate. But her expression skill is great.

Is her cleft palette closed completely?


Does she eat well?

She has good appetite. She likes to eat children food.

What does she like to do?

She likes to watch TV, make hand crafts and help nannies playing with little children.

Does she sleep well?

Yes. She likes to lay on her side. She usually goes to bed around 9:00pm.

Does she like to sleep with a special blanket or stuffed animal?


Does she have a favorite food or treat?

She loves most children food (snack).

Her updated measurements:

Height: 117cm; Weight: 18.5kg; Foot: 18cm.
46.1 inches 40.7 pounds 7.1 inches

So we know that she is VERY skinny...if these measurements are accurate. We have learned that her palette is defiantly creating some challenges for her. We think she might have a hard time with a solid diet. We also understand that speech is a huge issue for her. We LOVE that she enjoys helping the nannies care for the little children. We see this as God preparing her for her little sister Libi Faith.

How Our Wonderful Father is preparing us for Haddie. We have seen such a change in her countenance already. We believe that God is already beginning to heal the broken places of her heart.

When I read that she has seen our pictures I wonder if she stares at us like I stare at her. How I can sit and study my big girl and daydream about who she is, what it will be like to hold her in my arms, what she smells like, what does her hair feel like in my hands and pressed up against my face, what does her life sound like. Weird? No, just how a mama thinks about their baby.

So thankful that God honored us with this double update...this double blessing...that is bringing something to mind that I will blog about later. DOUBLE PORTION...stay tuned.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

LID and an Update!!!!

That's right! Is it not enough that we were blessed to find out that all of our papers were logged in on July 1st in China, but we were blessed with an update on our precious little girl!!

I was overjoyed to know that we were finally over yet another paperwork hurdle this week. I felt prepared to not have any updates on Haddie until we go to China. Well, God blew me to my knees today with this unexpected gift. It seems like this week I have uttered that "I am hoping that we can get an update, but it is not likely." more than usual. God is always listening. This may be obvious, but do you ever see Him do something that has been heavy on your mind and heart, but you haven't necessarily agonized in prayer over it? He KNEW this mama needed to see her girl! He spoke to the depth of my heart with this.

Last weekend I had toiled over blogs and searching sites to get an idea of what the "trends" are right now in the wait times for our next steps. I was trying desperately to get an idea of when we might travel to China. I was so convicted after my hour and half effortless search.
The next day in church God was once again such a sweet Father to my aching heart. I was blessed to have a dear friends little girls with me that day. These sweet girls are also adopted from China. The angel that ended up on my lap and in my arms for the entire service is the same size as my Haddie. As I loved on her it was amazing how God satisfied my aching arms. We danced together and sang about how He is The Everlasting God, who does not faint and won't grow weary, the Defender of the weak, Comforter of those in need and He lifts us up on wings like eagles! How soon He reminded my heart that once again, He holds the day and time, I must wait with expectancy and trust Him alone.

Psalm 5:2-3 (New Living Translation)

2 Listen to my cry for help, my King and my God,
for I pray to no one but you.
3 Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord.
Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly.

Who doesn't LOVE those piggies????!!!!!

Is that chipped nail polish I see???

Oh how beautiful you are!!!

Zhu Xiao Jie

7/2/09 Update

Her current health is good.
She can care herself and also can help other children.
Her speech is normal.
She knows all of her color.

They call her Hua Er (flower). LOVE IT!!
She is outgoing and active.

Her sleeping and diet schedule:
Sleeping time: 9:00pm -6:00 am
She has a nap after lunch.
She has three meals and snacks per day。
She can eat all kinds of foods.
She received package from the family.