Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Good Morning from Guangzhou

Well today is a new day. Amy is feeling better, Brad, Haddie, and Joel are good today, chronic cough excepting (Smoke and Smog byproducts). Libi actually has looked Chinese the last couple of days because her eyes are so swollen. She seems to be a little better today though. Jack just came in a got some tylenol, but I think he is doing a little better as well. Jake and G-ma are MIA at the moment so we will count them on the good side due to optomism. That makes 8 on an upward trend, you can't argue the power of prayer. Thanks, we can surely feel your coverage.

Joel, Haddie and I had a good day yesterday of playing at the park and milling around the island. Grandma went with us for lunch into the city and we played on escaltors and stairs for a while after McDonalds for lunch. I think that Haddie's favorite thing to eat so far is a burger and fries. Of course... she is Libi's sister. I was up early looking for coffee and wireless this am, and found neither, but did get encouraged by a quick phone call.

Many have been asking about Haddie's TB test... she failed the skin test, but passed the X-Ray. She was very brave, and got a sucker for her courage. Today is the swearing ceremony at the Consulate. We look forward to that. There are so many families of mulitiple adoptive children here with us at the White Swan. It is amazing what a wide range of people go through this process. The most common theme is the a burden for the orphan, put on families by the one true God.

We appreciate your continued prayer, we are overwhelmed by the love and support you all have been to us. We are ready to be home with you all, so that we can get Haddie in her new environment. She is a beautiful young lady, who had lots of energy. You are all gonna love her.


  1. Shew, so glad everything is better. You are right, your Haddie is a beautiful site to behold. I can hardly look at her without getting emotional. What a blessed family you are.

    Love ya,

  2. STUNNING! Your girls are!!!! LOVED the pictures! Thankful you are all feeling better! Praise GOD!! What an amazing thing adoption is and the people He calls that answer "Yes!" I am so looking forward to getting to know your HaddieHope! Yes! that is one word... here at The Smith home! You should here the prayers!! Selah prays that HaddieHope "learn English soon".... Shaylee is thankful HaddieHope has a family!! We are blessed to follow along your union trip and look forward to making MANY many memories when y'all get home!!

    OH! Sutton just walked in and asked " s Libi having fun in China?" We LOVE us some Arnold Ladies!!!!!

    Praying for the next 6 days .. safety! No snow! HEALTH! And more bonding!!

    HUGS~ 5 doors down and across the globe!

  3. Arnold Family,

    So thankful to hear you are feeling better. It is great to see Haddie bonding so well with you now and the pictures of the 2 sister are priceless! Can't wait to meet your newest addition.

    Love, Steve

    You have no idea what a blessing it is for us to be able to pray specifically and then to see the Lord move in Big and Mighty ways! She is such a doll and just seeing the two sisters together gives me such JOY! God's hand is all over this little girl and we are blessed to watch His story unfold. The picture of Haddie with her mommy and daddy on the couch is Beautiful! Red is her color. God is joining your hearts and hands! Love you all and know we are going to continue to pray for you all.


  4. So thankful that God has answered the prayers of many and you are all feeling better!

    RED is Haddie's color. She is STUNNING in it! Kaden says she looks like a princess! But Libi is still his best buddy. :)

    CANNOT wait for you all to get home! We are praying you home hour by hour!

    We love and miss you all! - Sherry