Friday, December 18, 2009

Haddie's first trip to a zoo!

Well, we did the Guangzhou Safari today, and Haddie loved it. As we were getting on the bus this am, we had our guide Grace ask Haddie if she had ever been to a zoo before and she said NO. Amy and I cannot imagine a girl almost 7 and she has never been to see animals at the zoo. She stood almost the entire 1 hour bus ride because she was so excited. When we arrived we first took a train ride through the exhibits, where we saw herds of tigers, white bengaled tigers, lions, deer, elephant, wildebeest, giraffe and many more animals. It was the coolest zoo I had ever been to! Check out the pictures... Haddie was able to feed giraffe, elephants and a baby tiger.

We ended Guangzhou on a great note. Praise the Lord and thanks for all of your prayer. We are all feeling great. Libi is about 80%, but doing much much better.

We have our bags packed and will leave for the airport at 7:30 am tomorrow. We are looking forward to the last leg of our trip in Beijing, and cannot believe that we are one week from Christmas. It was a little surreal today, walking around a zoo in China in 55 degree weather, listening to Christian Christmas carols. By the way Rob, you would be very jealous of the panda exibit... only 2 sleeping out of 10. And nobody with the "guts" to wake them up with a stick. Miss you guys!

We are going to go to the Forbidden City tomorrow, and the Great Wall on Sunday. We are excited to go see New Day on Monday, so that Libi can see her nanny and we can visit with all of New Day kids. Boy oh boy do we long for the day that we can celebrate with you all the homecoming of our beautiful Haddie. She is becoming more and more at ease with us. The fake laughs and insecure grins are dwindling and being replaced with sincere affection.


  1. I checked my google reader first thing this morning looking for only ONE entry - The Haddie Hope blog. I didn't see any updates, but then decided to head to your blog and post another comment anyhow - And up pops a new post and AMAZING pictures. What a blessing to me today! :)

    Anyhow, that zoo looks AMAZING! I think I might fly to China just for the chance to feed a tiger and pet a giraffe and elephant. What PRECIOUS memories for your family! God is good! So glad to hear Haddie is letting some guard down. She is going to blossom and thrive as an Arnold. And even more important, she is going to overflow with joy as a princess of her sweet God.

    This morning as I was thinking and praying for you all, I started counting on my fingers how many days until you come home. Yeah - we are down to one hand! CANNOT wait to hug all of your necks! I MISS YOU!!!

    MUCH LOVE - Sherry :)

  2. Hey Arnolds. I have loved to witness this beautiful transformation. It truly has been a site to see. We love you guys. Thank you for taking us all along with you. We've been so blessed by your journey. What an incredible Christmas for you this year :) Love and prayers to you. Praying for smoothe and safe travel. Oh, how we long to be back in China.

    P.S. loved the "Notice for Itimacy with Giraffe" That's had us laughing all morning.

  3. She is blossoming right before our eyes!! I cannot wait to see you all again! Home at LAST!! God is awesome!

    Love you all! Keeping you in my prayers!


  4. If I had to pic a favorite (although love them all), it would be the one of all your kids together at last and of Haddie and Brad feeding the caught their candid, pure excited happiness. I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of that kind of picture of Haddie in the future years.

    Pray Beijing is awesome for you guys. It's been awesome following your trip!

    Love and prayers,

  5. Wow, that is quite the zoo - getting to hold a baby tiger, touching elephants and giraffs! Cool! Never in America, eh?!

    My son just asked if we could go to China someday :-)

  6. What a fun time for you all! Haddie is not going to know what to think when she comes back and sees our zoo here in Bloomington! Ha. So thankful you are on the last part of your Journey and that God is most definitely weaving your hearts together. LOVE the new Arnold Family pictures.

    Love you all!! LIsa

  7. loveyouhaddiehope we hope y0u have a great trip home

    love Shaylee

  8. how are you ? I want to play with you !

    love Selah

  9. What a fun day! The Safari park was Eli's favorite too. Haddie smile just lights up her face. You can see her joy to be part of such a special family. Enjoy your time in Beijing. I know New Day will be so excited to see Libi and praising the Lord for all of the miracles in her life!

  10. Arnolds!

    We have not forgotten you. Craziness and computer problems have kept us from blogging but you have always been in our prayers. So thankful you are healthy and coming home soon. Can't wait to hug your necks and see beautiful Haddie in person. I keep hearing how people think she looks like Sarah Beth. I am excited they will soon meet. Oh, how I am missing China... don't know what them means!! We love you and are so excited to see all God has done in your lives and Haddies. Your friendship and faith are such a blessing to us!