Friday, December 4, 2009

We Arrived!

We made it, a little worse for the wear, but nonetheless we are here. We are stuggling with our blog, because it seems as though even the posting page that we could get at last time we were in China is not available. Maybe it is just the firewall in this hotel??? Anyway, thanks for posting this Kevin... We made it to the airport with our 7 people and 8 bags on time and were blessed immediately when the AA agent was able to get us 4 bulkhead seats on the flight to Shanghia from Chicago. What an answer to prayer that was, and oh by the way Libi was an absolute angel on the plane. To add some humor to that concern, God put us by two fairly loud other kids, that even if Libi was talking she would have been drawned out by those two.

The flight was incredibly long, as we flew over the top of Beijing on our way to Shanghai, Grandma, Jack and Joel were wanting parachutes so they could avoid the next nine hours it would take to get back to the same spot in the air. We did get into Shanghai on time and had our first Chinese meal. (Well partly Japanese as well). I tricked the boys a little by ordering fried rice which seemed like it just had fish in it, which they really liked until I was honest and told them that there was eel in it... next time I will keep the truth to myself.

We had a pretty rough night of sleep, it was 1:30 am by the time we laid down and Miss Libi slept for about two hours and has been partying ever since. Hopefully it won't take too much time for her to get back on China time. We have a pretty casual day ahead of us, so hopefully we can catch up on some needed rest. Thanks for praying us here, Praise God, He is taking care of every little detail.


  1. Great to get Brad's email. You can only refresh a blog so many times before you get a little weary! :)

    We are praising the Lord (but definitely NOT surpised:)) that your flight went well! Definitely laughing about the 2 noisy kids. God has such a way of putting things in perspective for us doesn't He?

    Bev, Jack, and Joel - I would have been ready to parachute too! A little crazy to have to retrace 9 hours of air time!

    AMy - Loving the Pachabels Cannon playing on the blog. This is what I played at the hospital when I was in labor with Corinne. The labor pains for Haddie have been long, but you have endured, and your babe is about to be placed into your arms! :) Counting down with you.

    Love and Hugs to you all!! PRaying without ceasing!!


  2. So thankful to see the blog update. I had checked several times today. You guys have been on my mind non stop for the past two days so glad you made it safely. Say hello to China for me. Much love, Alyssa